My Bullet Journal Journey: The First Year

I like the summary of how the bullet journal was useful over the course of the year and the aspects such as diet, fitness and meal planning as well as work related ones.

Keeps Me Out Of Mischief!

1 year of bujo pub.jpg

A year.  365 days. 8700 hours. 525600 minutes. Millions of seconds. A whole year of using my bullet journal to keep myself and my family organised.  It’s made a massive difference in so many ways, but these are the main 8, in no particular order:

  1. My sanity – I’m managing an incredibly busy job, a home and a family.  No longer do I lie awake in the middle of the night wondering if I’ve remembered to get something out of the freezer for tea tomorrow or if I remembered to send off a vitally important piece of paperwork.  It’s done.  Yes things have been missed this year, but it’s normally the stuff that I’ve said ‘I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember that’.  No, I don’t.  Write it down, commit it to paper, complete the task, shade the box.
  2. My diet – As a family we now eat so much more…

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