Additional Fragments from the Coptic Version of Ephrem Graecus

Alin Suciu

In a recent article, I presented two new Coptic fragments from pseudo-Ephrem.[1] They contain portions from the ascetical sermon De perfectione monachi (CPG 3971; Clavis coptica 0860). Some modern authors have mistakenly attributed this writingto Maximus the Confessor, but Peter van Deun rightly argues it as belonging in fact to pseudo-Ephrem.[2]

The new Coptic fragments come from a White Monastery codex which has not yet received the attention it deserves. This valuable manuscript contains the Sahidic version of the ascetic writings which are transmitted in Greek under the name of Ephrem the Syrian.[3] Enzo Lucchesi has found among the pseudo-Ephremian pieces a short work by Evagrius, On the Monastic Life (Rerum monachalium rationes = CPG 2441).[4] It is, however, very likely that this writing has been transmitted in Coptic under the name of Ephrem, since we have reasons to believe that codex was…

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