Good news about Il Bucintoro

by abirdinthebanksia

Hello World

The photo and text is courtesy of David Lown, an art historian and writer who currently lives in Venice.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing this, David.

His excellent blog, Venice Revealed, is listed on my Blogroll:  It’s well worth a visit!

The trunks of 600 oak trees will soon be on their way to Venice from a forest in Aquitaine. They are a gift from the French to Venice, an act of recompense for the part they played in the destruction of something very dear to the Venetians heart more than 200 years ago
In 1798, the ceremonial state barge of the Doge, was reduced to ashes on the orders of Napoleon, whose troops had, the previous year, brought to an end the Venetian Republic. The Bucintoro was central to the annual ceremony known as La Festa della Sensa, in which the Doge marked Venice’s…

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