by abirdinthebanksia


The end of Rome is near!

We will be done our unit on Wednesday just in time for our trip to the ROM, and next week we will have a test (mark this in your calendars – MONDAY!!) For now we are still exploring the new era of the Roman Empire. Today we will look at five emperors who reigned during the first century of the Empire – Augustus, Caligula, Claudius, Nero and Vespasian. Let’s do things differently though.

It’s time for the Battle of Rome’s Emperors. One group has been designated as judges for today’s event, and they will decide whether an emperor should be allowed to enter the HALL OF GREATNESS!   This is how today is going to look:

The first half of the class you will do the following: in your group you will be given a biography of a certain emperor. Pick one person…

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