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T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

This photo essay by renowned wilderness photographer Rob Blakers shows the beauty (and destruction) of Mount Mueller’s forests. These photos were taken in the logging coupe Tn44B, where the Observer Tree is located, and the forest surrounding it. All these images were taken within the 430,000 hectares that was promised protection by the Australian Government, that is ear-marked for future reserves, yet remains under threat from logging.

Guest Blog Bio: Rob Blakers

Rob Blakers has been photographing wilderness in Tasmania, the Australian mainland and the USA for over thirty years. His landscape photography and wilderness photography reflect the fragile beauty of wilderness as seen through the eyes and camera of one who knows it in a way that few people today ever will.

Much of Rob’s photography is from wild and natural places that remain unprotected, including the remote rainforest wilderness of the Tarkine and threatened oldgrowth forests of the Weld, Florentine and Styx

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