Recipe: The Most Satisfying, 15 Minute, No Bake Dessert (Now With Nutritional Information!)

by abirdinthebanksia


When John and I first started dating and we’d begun sharing stories of our past I told him a lot about my recent past which was the first few years after I’d graduated college. I lived with my friend Rachel at the time and we indulged in a lot of movie watching, lazing around, crafting, nature walks, etc. In other words, many hippie activities.

Among our favorite things to do were coming up with some excellent midnight snacks after rolling home from the bar (ahh, to be 23 again), usually involving peanut butter. On one occasion when I was sharing such a story with John he said “oh what, like gooballs?” I burst out laughing. “Goo-WHAT?” “Gooballs! You know, like the hippie peanut butter, granola, and weed snack they bring to festivals to sustain themselves on!” I don’t know what I thought was funnier: the name gooball, John’s supposed knowledge…

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