More on space the missing link the not God particle

by abirdinthebanksia

Looking for yesterday’s article on Higgs boson but this one is more recent.

Yesterday’s article from ninemsn:

Well if you were a scientist you would probably call it the Higgs boson particle after Peter Higgs and if not the media will probably go on calling it the God particle. The ninemsn article crunches the data to the sub-atomic particle of a range of mass between 116-130 (Gev), gigaelectronvolts, with a sweet spot at around 125 Gev. The researchers at CERN expect to know by 2012 more definitely the outcome of their experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which they pose as the Shakespeare question ‘to be or not to be’. Scientists explain that they are charting an unmapped map of dark matter and dark energy.

Two research teams: CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research and ATLAS.

CERN Researchers: Bruno Mansoulie

Director General Rolf Heuer

ATLAS Fabiola Gianotti