Leisure and space

by abirdinthebanksia

The title ‘Just a speck’ for the first blog also has connotations of cleaning and domesticity a word Keating used in his interview yesterday and occaissionally these blogs will wander along this path as I contemplate the side salad of one’s life, perhaps it will be a brief part of a regular routine before the luxury of blogging disappears into more hectic routines. So far I have kept writing to an early morning routine, this morning I couldn’t find yesterday’s notes, the hard drive or immediately remember where I had gone yesterday afternoon or the book I was looking for Mrs Dalloway. Which brings me to another point about memory and space. How is it that information goes missing in our mind? How strong is the link between organization and memory? I have four library books yesterday I knew I had two on the Renaissance and one on the Enlightenment and I didn’t remember the title or the subject or the author of the last one for the whole day. Although I tried to think about its colour and shape which turned out to be wrong which was surprising because it is the thickest book and of the same length as two others of a similar colour but with vertical signage. I noticed that I thought the missing book was a light grey green and slim but until I put the books together I realised that I was confusing this detail with another book. Now I can recall going to the library and browsing through the book and reading a few pages but not remembering very much of it. However, it’s author was not obscure Martha Nusssbaum and it is unlikely that I would forget the author’s name. So does it matter that it was on a desk with paper and things covered over it, I guess so!